January   2018

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Editorial Message  [  Abstract  ]
Waleed Khoja,  Khalid Hundallah
An overview of complications affecting the Central Nervous System following bariatric surgery  [  Abstract  ]
Azra Zafar,  Ismail A. Khatri
Stroke and seizure continue to be the major brunt of in patient neurology care. An observation from teaching hospital  [  Abstract  ]
Azra Zafar,  Majed Alabdali,  Rizwana Shahid,  Danah Aljaafari,  Fahd A. Al-khamis,  Aishah I. Albakr,  Saima Nazish,  Abdulla A. Al-Sulaiman,  Alon Abraham
Demographic and histopathological patterns of neuro-epithelial brain tumors in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Mahmoud S. Taha,  Fahad M. Almsned,  Mohammed A. Hassen,  Ibrahim M. Atean,  Ahmed M. Alwbari,  Qasim K. Alharbi,  Marwah M. Abdulkader,  Husam S. Almuhaish
Comparison of 2 methods of neuropathic pain assessment in carpal tunnel syndrome and hand functions  [  Abstract  ]
Esma Ceceli,  Sefa Gumruk,  Muyesser Okumus,  Seher Kocaoglu,  Hamit Goksu,  Aynur Karagoz
APOE Gene polymorphism among Jordanian Alzheimer`s patients with relation to lipid profile  [  Abstract  ]
Yanal A. Shafagoj,  Randa G. Naffa,  Mohammed S. El-Khateeb,  Yazeed L. Abdulla,  Aseem A. Al-qaddoumi,  Faisal A. Khatib,  Yousef F. AL-Motassem,  Eman M. Al-Khateeb
Endoscopic transsphenoidal approach to skull base lesions. A clinical prospective study  [  Abstract  ]
Moneer K. Faraj,  Wissam J. Sagban
How do physical capacity, fatigue and performance differ in children with duchenne muscular dystrophy compared with their healthy peers?  [  Abstract  ]
Akmer Mutlu,  Halil Alkan,  Tuzun Fırat,  Aynur A. Karaduman,  Oznur T. Yilmaz
Perioperative lumbar drain utilization in transsphenoidal pituitary resection  [  Abstract  ]
Shatha Alharbi,  Griffith Harsh,  Abdulrazag Ajlan
Encephalopathy mimicking non-convulsive status Epilepticus  [  Abstract  ]
Ramachandiran Nandhagopal,  Fathiya Al-Murshedi,  Mujahid Al-Busaidi,  Amna Al-Busaidi
Sialidosis type I presenting with a novel mutation and advanced neuroimaging features  [  Abstract  ]
Murat Gultekin,  Ruslan Bayramov,  Cagatay Karaca,  Niyazi Acer
Respiratory support attitudes among pediatric intensive care staff for spinal muscular atrophy patients in Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Mohamad-Hani A. Temsah,  Fahad M. Al-Sohime,  Fahad A. Bashiri,  Ayman A. Al-Eyadhy,  Gamal M. Hasan,  Ali A. Alhaboob
The clinical features of patients concurrent with Guillain-Barre syndrome and myasthenia gravis  [  Abstract  ]
Junliang Yuan,  Juan Zhang,  Bingwei Zhang,  Wenli Hu
Type and etiology of pediatric epilepsy in Jordan. A multi-center study  [  Abstract  ]
Mahmood D. Al-Mendalawi,  Abdelkarim A. Al-Qudah

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9 years old girl previously healthy, presented with progressive dystonia, dysarthria and spastic gait. Her MRI brain is consistent with which of the following?
[A] Pelizaeus Merzbacher disease
[B] Wilson disease
[C] Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration
[D] Sjogern Larsson syndrome